Showy, gorgeous flowers add color, impact and beauty to your lawn, garden and containers.  Annuals come in vivid colors and arrive by the truckloads each year in both shade and sun-loving varieties.  Perennials add diversity, depth and best of all, come back year after year.  And to accent these beautiful annuals and perennials or as stand alones, we have ornamental Foliage and Grasses that complete any look.  

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Flowers & Plants

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L.A. Reynolds Garden Showcase
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 Want to bring the outdoors inside?  L.A. Reynolds offers a variety of indoor Houseplants to liven up your home or office.  Not only beautiful, houseplants release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide and other air pollutants.

We also have Vegetables and Herbs for your backyard plot, garden or containers.  Nothing tastes as good as dishes made with your homegrown vegetables and seasoned with your fresh herbs.